Jul 1, 2011

Jack is 1 Today!

I'm going to be completely clique with: "Where did the time go?" and "How did my baby grow up so quickly?" and "Where has the last year gone?".  I do feel that way but at the same time this last year has been long (in a good way). Lots has changed in the last year for us beginning with the arrival of Jack and ending with a move to a new house and I wouldn't change a thing in between!  Jack is amazing and has brought so much joy and love to us that I can't imagine a minute without him.  He's curious and active, loving and sweet, mischievous and independent.  I love every bit of him and cannot wait for more birthdays to come!

Since we moved one week before his birthday we didn't end up having a true party for him.  We moved over an hour away from where we were previously living and it was just too much at once.  Luckily Mimi and Papa were in town to help with all of the moving festivities and we were able to celebrate with them.  Jack had his very first cupcake (vanilla with vanilla buttercream) and he LOVED it.  He had the biggest smile on his face as soon as I came around the corner with his cupcake.  He ate almost every bite.  :)

We went from this:

To this in 1 short year:

I think he likes it!
After this he held the cupcake over his head for a few minutes and just smiled.  It was hilarious!

The absolute loves of my life.

Happy Birthday, Jack!!!

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Happy birthday, Jack!

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