Nov 2, 2008

Kitchen is finished!

Well, for the most part, at least. This has been such a huge project but we are so glad to be done. After three weekends and two full weeks, I am EXHAUSTED. Here is a rundown of everything that we did:
-trimmed out all the cabinets
-added bead board on all the sides
-added baseboards around the bead board
-sanded & primed all the cabinets
-painted 3 coats of vintage white
-glazed with 3 coats
-added hardware
-changed out the hinges
-had granite installed
-James put in a new garbage disposal
-we went through ALL of the cabinets and reorganized them
-cleaning was know what But we're done. And it's beautiful and we love it. It's perfect. I couldn't ask for anymore. Although we did have a near meltdown on Saturday when we thought we didn't like the cabinet color. But that passed and now we do like it. Phew. :) Although remodeling the entire kitchen was overwhelming, I'm so thankful that we were able to do it and that I have my handy and wonderful husband guiding the project! Enjoy the pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! Great job!!

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