Oct 18, 2008

Why I love Trader Joe's...

1. Mochi
2. Coffee

3. Salsa
4. Chocolate Bon Bon's
5. It's just fun to walk around...

I don't know if you have a Trader Joe's (TJ's) near you or not, but if you do and you haven't been...you should go. Right now, in fact! I went yesterday after school and I intended to only be there about 5 minutes and spent at least 40! And it's not a big store. I just can't help myself. I bought shampoo and toothpaste, limes, avocados, salsa, Mochi...all kinds of delicious food and home items! And the coffee...oh my gosh. The first coffee that James and I have both liked. Much thanks to our friend and former neighbor, Mary!

These Bon Bon's are delish! James did not care for them (he likes the Mochi), but hey, more for me! The chocolate cookie/cake crust is really the best part...and I'm not a huge chocolate eater. These are a must try, though!

Mochi is so delicious. It's a Japanese ice cream treat. The outer shell is a rice concoction of some sort and the inside is yummy, creamy ice cream. The outside is actually my favorite part of the treat. Yum! Mango is by far our favorite flavor.

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Anonymous said...

I literally just set down my plate from eating Trader Joe's Orange Chicken! :) You're right about trying to go there for 5 minutes...it always turns out to much longer for me too! I picked up an "Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake" from there the other day for only $1.99! It fed four of us!

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