Oct 29, 2008

Kitchen Update

We are making progress in the kitchen. It's really coming along.

This past Friday we worked until 3 am...it was a LONG, long night. But we got a lot done. We trimmed out all of the cabinets and added crown molding to the desk area. We cleaned out the cabinets and took off the doors. Ugh.
The granite was installed on Saturday and we worked again until about midnight. We sanded and primed the cabinets. Oh my, that was a LOT of work.

We painted on Sunday and then everyday this week we've painted or added the top coat. We finally have a sink again though! That is the BEST part. And it's so deep.

And this is what our garage looks like. I have to PARK outside. Ugh. And it's cold! But again, it's worth it. :)

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Stephanie said...

Looks great so far! We have been remodeling our kitchen for the past couple of months and are almost done! The reason it's taken us so long is that we stained instead of painted-so we had to sand down to the bare wood and do several coats. Plus we only worked on it like every other weekend. I too have to park outside because our workbench is in our garage. All we have left is the shoemold around the bottom of the cabinets. Good luck!

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