Apr 12, 2008

Restaurant Reviews and such...

We've been eating out more than we usually do and we've been going to places that we've never been before. It's been a lot of fun and I thought I'd post some reviews. I didn't take pictures (duh), but here goes!

Rosa's Pizza - After a long day of working on the house, I did not feel up to cooking. We had to go to Home Depot. On the way out of the parking lot, I smelled something delicious. When I looked around to see what it was, it was definitely from a pizza place. It was Rosa's!! We decided to give it a try. It looked fairly busy, which is a good sign, I guess. As it turned out, that was some of the best pizza we've had in awhile. We had a veggie pizza and it was loaded with peppers, onions, mushrooms and even fresh tomatoes! There wasn't too much sauce, which is how I like it. The crust was also very crisp, another plus. We will definitely be coming back here! Yum!

Bistro VG - This is such a cute restaurant. Based around Van Gogh, there was plenty to look at! It wasn't too busy, it was a Wednesday night, after all. But the bar looked busy with what were probably regulars. The menu is French inspired/themed and they had many interesting options. The service was good, but our server was a little...bossy. Ha! I had the simple roast chicken - warm roast red onion-shiitake mushroom salad - potato puree, and it was delish. The potatoes were heavenly and the chicken was moist and very flavorful. I also had tiramasu and it was very good.

Fellini's Pizza - We went to the World of Coca-Cola with Josh and Alexis last weekend and knew that we needed to eat. Know had any ideas. As we were driving down 75, I remembered a restaurant off of Howell Mill that was packed when James and I went rock climbing. I wasn't even sure of the name, or what kind of food they had. But apparently we were feeling adventurous so we went in. Upon entering, we were overwhelmed with the glorious scents of pizza! Even if you didn't want pizza before, you would have now!! I had a slice of veggie and a house salad and it was very, very good. James had white pizza but wasn't thrilled with it. Too much cheese and too much grease, he said.

Taqueria del sol - Oh my gosh! So good! Another restaurant that we ventured to with Josh and Alexis. This time it was before a Braves game. It was interesting because you wait outside in a line, place your order, find a table and then somehow, the staff remembers what you look like and bring you your food. Cool! I had a really good margarita with dinner - so worth the (45 minute) wait. I had two of these: BRISKET - Roasted beef brisket with a red chile sauce, cilantro and onions. We also had a side of Veggie Refried Beans . No where in the description did it say that it was going to burn your mouth to pieces, but holy cow, was it spicy! Good, but spicy. We also had the best Guacamole that I've had in awhile. Huge chunks of avocado, a little tomato...it was so yummy. And it helped with the fiery refried beans!

Zucca (Kennesaw) - This is one of my favorite new restaurants to frequent. We've been a few times and I always enjoy myself. The restaurant is super cute with brick walls. It's fairly small (the one in Smyrna is apparently larger), but they do take reservations. The risotto balls are very good, as is everything else I've had. I had chicken piccata, but I don't see it on their menu now. Last time, I had a special and it was delish. This is another restaurant that James isn't crazy about, but I really like it. :)

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